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We have a committed and professional team.

We offer a 5 star experience in State of the Art diagnostic and therapeutic Endoscopic procedures, including Medical diagnostics.
Our Endoscopic services are provided by seasoned Consultant Gastroenterologists and Hepatologists.

We are based in Kaduna state and cater to patients from environs and all over Nigeria.


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Superior Customer Service

From start to finish, you are guaranteed to have a 5 star experience.

Latest Technology

Our centre is setup with state of the art equipments that guarantees a top notch service delivery.

Affordable Care

While delivery the best service, we also ensure we make it affordable to you.

Qualified Professionals

We pride ourselves in the quality of staff within our facility.

Industry Standard Services

We pride ourself in the quality of service we deliver to our patients.

Diagnostic Endoscopic Procedures

Therapeutic Endoscopic Procedures

Medical Diagnostics


Our Endoscopy sessions are on all days of the week, depending on available time slot.

Kindly complete a booking form and our customer rep will get in touch with you immediately. Your details are for documentary purposes only and are safe with us.